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Nuevo Foro para los amantes del Derecho Tributario. Saludos a la AFIP
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 Mié, 29 Nov 2017, 22:58
New Zealand is often referred to as the adventure capital of the world http://www.basketballknicksshop.com/Che ... ks-Jersey/ , offering wild and exhilarating experiences for those searching for the ultimate in adventure.

While most of the action is focused around Queenstown, The Adventure Capital of the World , the rest of the country offers a wealth of exciting adventure activities and tours.

Whether is be jumping out of a plane from 20,000 feet or leaping off a sheer cliff into the depths of the New Zealand Wilderness http://www.basketballknicksshop.com/Che ... ks-Jersey/ , these top 7 adventure activities have got you covered.

1. Dragon s Blackwater Cave Rafting Extreme Abseil and Adventure Caving (Greymouth)

Extreme Abseil and Adventure Caving is the perfect activity for those seeking a fun adventure with a touch of mystery and intrigue.

Spend the day floating through the subtly lit caves of the glow worms and emerge into the well like wonders of the rainforest and tube your way down the river.

The cliff jump is a popular option for those seeking a little exhilaration and the abseil down the top of the river is sure to release some adrenaline.

2. Kaikoura Whale Watch

While it may not get the adrenaline pumping to a high degree, this experience is sure to be an adventure like no other.

As New Zealand s only marine based whale watching company offering visitors a close up view of the Giant Sperm Whale, this tour is a popular option for those seeking the ultimate whale watching experience.

3. Queenstown Triple Challenge (Jet Boating, Helicopter and White Water Rafting)

Although a little on the expensive side http://www.basketballknicksshop.com/Che ... ks-Jersey/ , this adventure pack is well worth every cent spent.

Regarded by many as the ultimate adventure challenge, this Queenstown tour combines the extreme adventures of jet boating, a helicopter ride and the exhilaration of white water rafting.

4. Auckland Harbour Bridge and Bungy

As New Zealand is the Home of Bungy , it only seems logical to take part in this extreme sport.

Climb the famous Auckland Harbour Bridge (an accomplishment in itself) http://www.basketballknicksshop.com/Che ... ks-Jersey/ , admire the stunning views and then take the plunge off the top. Guaranteed to set the adrenaline rushing and bring out the chicken within, this is one adventure thrill seekers will not want to miss.